In the following, you can find the main software (open-source) developed by this Research Group in collaboration with our undergraduate students and external people.

ROS Bag Extractor (2023)

This is a replication package and dataset of the paper submitted to Robot Software Architecture@ICRA 2023. In this project, we statically extract time-windowed ROS computation graph from ROS bag files. Our approach is an alternative to dynamic extractors, such as native rqt_graph tool.

GitHub: ROSBagExtractor

OiArduBot (2021)

This is a language that we created after the Portugol, which allows the students to learn programming in a robotics-based environment/case study. It is a midterm between block languages and high-level programming, such as the one for Arduino. Thus, the student has a smooth experience while transiting through/programming evolves. The current version is still unstable since it has been just released. Our plan is to put it in production by the beginning of next year (2022).

GitHub: OiArduBot

Interactive Geo (2021)

This is a web-based project for assisting Geography teachers. The main idea is to make the teaching regional-related. That is, instead of relying on tools such as Google Earth, which is rich but more generic, the professor can provide a navigable webpage with regional geographic data (such as relief, hydrography, and so on).

GitHub: InteractiveGeo